Ever Feel Like You Don’t ‘Walk the Walk’?

Image by SamWilliamsPhoto from Pixabay

Today I feel like a huge fraud. Okay, maybe not just today. A lot lately, actually. Why? Because I don’t feel like I am ‘walking the walk.’

I created Building Your Grit to share what I’ve learned about how to live your best life possible. I wanted a place you could come to if you wanted to learn how to eat better, exercise more, or improve your mental health. A site that offered actionable advice about how to grow personally and professionally, helping you achieve maximum levels of health and happiness.

Yet, at this point in time, I am struggling to do the same.

I’m smart enough to know that this whole self-isolation thing is likely behind my reduced motivation. I also know that what I’m feeling is only temporary. As we begin to open the country back up, my motivation will begin to come back as well. At least, that is what I hope.

In the meantime, I struggle with how to give you advice when I can’t seem to follow it myself. How do you I tell you to eat healthy to keep your strength and immunity up (and your weight down), if I have my own constant desire to buy chips, cookies, and cake?

Yes, sometimes I give in to these desires even when I know I shouldn’t. And I feel like a fraud every damn time.

Or how do I encourage you to get physical active every day, even when I’m struggling to peel my own body off the couch? I’ve always prided myself on being genuine and authentic, so if my genuine and authentic self has become lazy, then I can’t act like it hasn’t.

I’m not even sure why I’m sharing all of this with you other than to say that if you are struggling, I get it. I am too.

Actually, I already feel a little bit better simply by admitting that I’m not always strong, I don’t always have the answers, and I don’t always make the best decisions. So I don’t expect you to do all of these things either.

We’re all human. This means that we’ll all make mistakes. We’ll all do things from time to time that make us say to ourselves, “C’mon. You know better than that!”

That said, I do make you a promise. And if you know me, you know that I never make a promise I won’t keep. My promise to you is that I will continue to work on these things. I will continue to fight for a better me.

Maybe not as hard on days like today. Sometimes you just need a break; to give yourself permission to simply be. But I will fight again, I do promise you that. I’ve made too much progress in my life to let a small step back turn into a full-fledged fall down the stairs.

I hope you make this promise to yourself too. Give yourself time to rest when you need it and, when you’re ready to stand back up again, know that I will be right here with you, cheering you on. Because we all have the grit to live our best lives possible. Even if that means that it may take a little longer than we’d like. Together, we’ll get there eventually!

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