How the Coronavirus Has Made Me Feel More in Control

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

There is no denying that we live in uncertain times. Every time I watch the Task Force briefing, I hear something that changes my (our) life in one way or another.

Stay home when you can. Only go out when absolutely necessary.

Don’t be within 6 feet of anyone not living in your household.

Clean all of your groceries thoroughly.

Wash your hands thoroughly after collecting the mail.

Every day, we’re told to do something else in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus now known as COVID-19. Which is good because, the more we know, the more we can take care of ourselves and our families.

But with this knowledge also comes a feeling of lack of control.

Coronavirus = Lack of Control

If you’re in a position where you’ve lost your job, you can’t even go out and look for one because we’re all supposed to be isolating at home. You lack control.

If your bills are coming due but you have nothing saved, you feel unable to increase your income because the whole country is slowed down…with some areas stopped completely. You lack control.

If you have family who lives a great distance away (like my mom who lives in the UK and my family who lives in the Midwest), you aren’t able to be with them. You lack control.

While I still feel powerless over many things in my life, I also realize that this coronavirus pandemic has also made me feel more in control in a variety of ways.

Coronavirus = More Control

One involves my schedule. Even though I work from home, the fact that I can’t go run errands has enabled me more control over how I spend my day. No more wasting time by driving to the store for something I could live without and no more being distracted by an out-of-the-house to-do list.

I also feel like I have more control over my fitness. When you’re super busy, it’s easy to not make time for the treadmill or to go out for a walk. Now, not only am I able to fit these activities in my day easier, but I actually look forward to them because they make me feel better physically, they lift my mood, and they get me off the couch.

I’ve also noticed that I feel more in control of my emotions. Yes, I feel scared and nervous about this invisible bug, but I realize that my anxiety isn’t going to change anything. And it certainly isn’t going to help. So, I spend quite a bit of time doing things that ease these types of emotions, giving me more control over these emotions versus letting them control me.

Control is a Choice

There are many things about this pandemic we can’t control. Many things that we would all change if given a choice. But it’s important to realize that control is a choice too.

You can continue to focus on everything that is outside your ability to change OR you can spend your time doing things you do have control over.

If you do the latter, you will emerge from this self-isolation period more prepared for the new world that awaits. Take the actions you can take and this time will not be wasted. In fact, it will make you stronger and better than ever before.

What are some of your tricks for retaining control during this period of time? Share them below!

Stay healthy. Stay safe. And stay in control!

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