The Regret Test

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Yesterday, I was lying on the couch watching TV, just trying to pass the time. Sometime mid-afternoon I thought, I should really go for a walk. I knew it would be good for me, but it was also the last thing I wanted to do.

Even though it was warm and sunny outside — weather that I typically love to be outdoors in — it’s like this whole self-isolation period has sapped my energy. Though I’m doing less, I feel more tired than normal. I know that it’s largely psychological, but it doesn’t seem to change how I feel.

After battling with myself for a few minutes, questioning whether to go or not, I decided to do the Regret Test.

Whenever I can’t seem to reach a decision, I always ask myself which decision I’d regret more. In this case, I knew that, later, I’d kick myself harder if I didn’t go for a walk than if I did. So, I got up, put my shoes on, and headed out the door. My husband even agreed to go with me!

The reason I bring this up is because if you find yourself in the same position, whether right now or sometime down the road, the Regret Test can help you make better choices too. It works by forcing you to look beyond today and consider what impact your decision will have for you in the future.

For me, I know that walking helps me reduce my anxiety, reduce my cholesterol (I am finally back in the “healthy” range!), and keeps me from gaining weight. By default then, if I don’t do it, I feel worse mentally and my physical health starts to decline. That’s the last thing I want, especially right now.

Try it and see what you think. And if you feel inclined, share below how the Regret Test has helped you make better decisions for your health, happiness, and grit!

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