Fun Ways to Stay Occupied During Self-Isolation

It’s funny because, as a writer, I typically spend a lot of time at home. Normally, this doesn’t really bother me. But now that I’m self-isolating to hopefully avoid the coronavirus, I’m feeling a little bored.

Are you feeling it too?

Of course, one option is to be like the countless other people who aren’t heeding the warnings of top healthcare officials and go out anyway. Trouble is, I love myself and everyone around me too much to risk getting or, God forbid, transmitting a bug that could take any of our lives.

So, what are some things we can do instead that are fun but most importantly safe?

For Homes With Children

  • Challenge them to a friendly game of cards; maybe spades or, if they’re older, euchre
  • Play board games, helping reduce the anxiety they’re feeling over the current situation
  • Go in the back yard and expend some energy blowing (and chasing) bubbles or jumping rope
  • No back yard? Draw a hopscotch board on the driveway and let them go
  • Read them their favorite books, over and over again, as many times as they’d like
  • Play dress-up and set the table with the fancy china, pretending that you’re out for a nice meal

For Those Without Kids

  • Binge-watch your favorite TV shows…without guilt
  • Cook a nice dinner for you and your spouse, and eat it over candlelight
  • Use the time to finally engage in your hobby as much as you’d like
  • Start looking for places you want to see once the coronavirus has died down
  • Sit and really think about what you want for your future, then devise a plan to get it
  • Watch funny YouTube videos, like these

What are some things that you’re doing during self-isolation due to the coronavirus? Share them below!

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