The Key to Finding Your Motivation

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

Lately, I’ve been really struggling with staying motivated with my work.

I used to get up around 3 or 4 AM, start writing, and not quit until mid afternoon. Now, I’m forcing myself to roll out of bed by 8 and finding numerous reasons to take breaks throughout the day.

My motivation appeared to be gone.

As a solo business owner, this can easily turn into a major problem. While I have never missed a deadline, not feeling the desire to work can eventually hurt my writing business if I let it go on for too long.

Because of this, I have searched my soul repeatedly, wondering why I am having such a hard time with my motivation. Am I coming down with a sickness, like the dreaded coronavirus? Maybe I’m just depressed?

No matter how hard I looked, I wasn’t finding any real answers. Yet, while sitting at my desk today, it hit me what my problem was…

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve been paid.

This happens when you freelance. Sometimes checks roll in every day and other times they take weeks. I even have a few clients who only pay every 45-60 days, which can feel twice as long when I have bills to pay.

No wonder I’m having a hard time staying motivated!

If you’re not self-employed, picture yourself going to work every day, yet not knowing when you’ll get a check. It’d be pretty hard to keep a smile on your face, right?

It may sound silly but, the simple act of identifying the cause of my lack of energy made me feel instantly better.

It’s hard to explain, but just having a reason behind my missing motivation helps me feel like less of a lost cause. It also reminds me that, as soon as the checks start rolling in again — which they will — I’ll feel motivated once again.

Where I am now is only temporary.

If you are struggling with feeling motivated, dig deep and try to figure out why. Is it your finances? Are you concerned about your health and, as a result, feeling kind of down? Maybe you’re having trouble in a relationship and that is taking all of your energy?

Having reduced motivation for a day or two is normal. But when you go extended periods of time and find that you’re struggling (like I’ve been), it’s important to figure out why.

Knowing why you feel the way you do help put things into perspective. And if you can do something that will change the lack of motivation, well, that’s even better!

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