3 Ways Competition Based TV Shows Make Me a Better Person

I am absolutely hooked on competition TV shows.

American Idol? I’m in.

Cake Wars? I think I’ve seen every episode.

And don’t get me started on American Ninja Warrior, Naked and Afraid, Masterchef, or sports (especially pro football; go Detroit Lions!).

Any time I see a new reality show coming on that pits one contestant against another, I have no choice. I have to hit record.

While I know it’s not good to spend a lot of time in front of the TV, I also realize that it’s important to have things to look forward to every day.

Not to mention, I’ve learned a lot from watching competition-based shows. Here are three “lessons” that I think make me a better person.

#1: How to Be a Good Loser

In competition, not everybody wins. But I have a ton of respect for the people who aren’t declared #1, yet walk away like a champ.

In life, we’re not always dealt a winning hand. Sometimes our relationships don’t work out or we don’t get the one job we want. That’s how the dice roll.

But how we handle these types of situations not only dictates the way we’re able to move on from these types of events (and if we’re able to move on), but it can also affect the way others see us.

Being a sore loser who blames everyone else for the loss and walks away like a kid kicking the sand doesn’t do anyone any good.

So, when you are faced with not getting whatever it is you want, instead of being soured by the experience, be grateful for the opportunity it gave you.

Walking away with your head held high no matter what happens is just as important as winning. Maybe even more so.

#2: The Importance of the Right Mindset

Have you ever watched a competition show — or maybe even participated in a competition in real life — and the minute you hear a contestant speak, you know they’re not in the right mindset to win?

Maybe they come across as cocky and over-confident. Or perhaps they have some very visible doubts about their abilities and whether they have what it takes to steal the #1 slot.

In life, it’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve and positive about your abilities while still being respectful of other competitors and their abilities.

As long as you have a winning mindset, it doesn’t necessarily matter the actual outcome. You’ll still be a winner in every sense of the word.

#3: Have Fun!

The competitors I enjoy watching the most are the ones who are having fun. Even though they may be intent on winning, it’s clear from the smile on their face that they also truly enjoy what they’re doing.

Are you having enough fun in your own life? Not sure? Then let me ask you this…

On average, how many times a day do you smile?

If it’s not as much as you’d like, it’s time to put some fun back into your life. Maybe by way of a friendly competition?

You don’t have to compete on TV for the full effect either. Simply get a group of friends together and make a competition out of it.

If you do, let us know what you learn…

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