Is Giving Up an Option?

Yesterday was one of those days when everything I touched went to shit. From the time I woke up, I was in a bad mood, thanks largely to a “discussion” I’d had with my husband about finances the night before.

The issue of money has always stressed me out, so it’s easy for the simplest of discussions to send me right over the edge. I swear that I could literally have millions in the bank and still have anxiety that one day I’ll return to where I was just a decade ago…barely paying the bills and not enough extra to even stop and buy a soda. I never want to be in that space again.

Add that to the fact that every article I’d written in the previous two days suddenly needed edits. Not just changing a word or two either. Complete f-ing overhauls. To say that I was ready to give up and walk away from my business (and my life) was a complete understatement.

In fact, I even called a friend of mine and suggested that we change our names and move someplace warm, never to be heard from again. Had she taken me up on it, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you wouldn’t be getting this post today.

As usually happens though, things have turned around and today is much better. I’m over the slight differences my husband and I have with regard to cash and, so far, today’s articles are being accepted with much more favorable reviews. This got me thinking…

Is giving up really ever an option?

Sometimes I idolize the people who have the courage to walk away from situations and lives that aren’t quite what they want them to be. I’ve tried to envision myself doing the same thing from time to time, yet I never seem to have the guts to make this type of change.

Sure, I’ve moved across country at least six times and I’ve even changed careers, but giving up on something and just walking away? This is beyond comprehension to me. That said, there are times that I think giving up is a good solution.

I guess that’s what I did when my first marriage went south. I gave up on it completely and set out to create a new life. And if I couldn’t seem to figure out how to grow my business, I suppose I’d likely give up on that too.

But it takes an awful lot for me to throw in the towel and decide that something isn’t worth saving. That length of time was 10 years for my first marriage and, though I’ve had months-long dry spells in my writing business (more so when I first started out), I’ve always picked myself up and found a way to get more work.

In the end, both have helped me strengthen my grit, just in different ways. I’ve learned the value of perseverance, but I’ve also learned that, for me, sometimes you have to cut the chord if you want to be happy. Sometimes you just have to call it a day and walk away.

What do you think?

Is giving up ever really an option? And if so, when is it okay and when should one keep trying? If not, why not?

No answer is right or wrong; I’m just looking for opinions because I strongly feel that this is a decision we must each make on our own. I’m just curious what would help make that decision for you…

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