Why You Should Take a Break (And What You Can Do When You Do)

Image by Republica from Pixabay

Because I’m always trying to better myself and take my writing business to the next level, taking time off is typically hard for me.

Even if it’s just for a few hours, I wind up feeling guilty. I know there are things I should be doing, so I spend a majority of that time beating myself up instead of actually relaxing.

That said, I have also learned that taking some down time is necessary. Not just for my mental health, but for my physical health too.

In fact, since I’ve started to keep my work days to a manageable number of hours and take at least one full day off per week, I’ve noticed that my stress levels have gone down, I sleep better, I have fewer headaches, my body doesn’t ache as bad, and I’m overall a happier person.

If you’re in the same position and need a break, here are some things that help me when I’m trying to forget about work…if just for a little bit.

  • Watch one of your favorite TV shows; it’s a great way to get lost in another world without having to go anywhere to do it
  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood to get some exercise (good for increasing your endorphins, which are your feel good hormones) and maybe some sun too, if you’re lucky (which is good for vitamin D, a vitamin that aids in disease prevention, boosts your immunity, and supports blood sugar management)
  • Hop on the treadmill (I’ll watch some of my favorite shoes here too)
  • Call a friend to chat, vent, laugh, or cry — just get your emotions out!
  • Organize or clean something (this is work, but it’s also very calming to me!)
  • Meditate to ease your mind
  • Do some stretches to soothe your tired and achy muscles
  • Just sit and think (so simple, yet so relaxing)
  • Engage in a hobby you enjoy
  • Volunteer at a local charity (this is not only a great way to forget about what is going on in your own life, but it is super rewarding as well!)

What are some things you like to do relax? Add them in the comments below!

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