5 Ways My Life Improved When I Quit Drinking Pop (Soda)

“Hello. My name is Grit Girl, and I am addicted to pop (known in other areas of the country as soda).”

This is how I should start my introduction any time I meet someone new because if I have had one huge weakness in my life, it is pop.

In fact, there was one point in time when I was drinking a couple 2-liters a day.

I told myself that it was okay though because it was diet. Which, if you’ve ever read up on the topic, you already know the fault in my thinking since diet pop has been linked to a number of health issues ranging from diabetes to heart disease to poorer kidney health.

I’ll trust the experts on all of that, but I’d like to share with you the five ways my life improved when I cut out all pop — diet or otherwise.

#1: I Quit Itching

I realize that pop may not affect everyone this way, but I noticed that when I quit drinking it, I also quit itching so much. It used to be that my skin constantly felt inflamed, sometimes producing painful, itchy bumps in random spots – like on my arms or legs. I no longer have this issue since I no longer drink pop.

#2: Clearer Skin

Another skin-related benefit of going pop-free is that I have fewer issues with pimples and acne. This one is amazing to me because I’ve struggled with both of these all my life. Could pop have been to blame? It would appear so.

#3: Fewer Mood Swings

I’ve also noticed that eliminating pop from my diet has helped ease my mood swings. I no longer have the fluctuating swings in highs and lows throughout the day, so I’m more on an even keel. Now if I could find a similar relief from PMS-related mood swings…but I’ll save that for another post.

#4 Less Cravings for Sweets

I’m typically a sweets girl. Put a plate of chocolate brownies or yellow cake in front of me and I’ll dive right in. Now that I don’t drink pop, I’ll still eat these things, but I don’t crave them near as often as I used to. That’s a blessing since I’m working so hard on improving my healthy, making it easier to make better choices.

#5: Lower Grocery Bill

Since I drink primarily water, tea, and coffee now, I’ve noticed that my grocery bill is lower as well. This may not be a major change if you’re not a pop-a-holic like I was but, between my husband and I, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to spend $20 to $30 a week on pop alone!

So, is giving up pop easy? No, not at all. It took quite a bit of time and a whole lot of convincing myself that it was the right thing to do.

But it is also worth it if you want benefits like these.

If you’re in the process of giving up soda pop, keep me posted about how it goes!

And if you have any tips that helped you give up the habit, feel free to share them below. Us pop-a-holics have to stick together if we want to stay in recovery!

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