Have You Ever Set a Goal, Only to Have an Obstacle Appear Almost Immediately?

Image by Thomas H. from Pixabay

When I set up this blog last week, I set a goal to post six days a week. Then I thought that might be a bit much for my followers, so I reduced it to three. No problem, I said to myself. I can at least do that much.

Then life hit.

A client I’ve worked with and for off and on over the years contacted me this weekend and asked if I was available for a rush project. I feel honored that he reached out, so of course I wanted to say yes. Plus, this job is for a higher profile client, peeking my interest even more.

Well, today was day number one of that project and I started my work at 2 AM, finishing around 4:30 PM. That’s all good. However, to reach my goal of 3 blogs a week, I had today set to publish one. And I was beat!

All day, I continued to tell myself that it would be okay if I just finish this project first — which will take a few days — and then I can post all I want after that.

Though it was tempting, after giving it much thought, I also reminded myself that life is going to get in the way from time to time. When it does, I can’t just give in and give up or I’ll never achieve the things I want so desperately to do.

I told myself that if I am going to be an example and ask you to step up when the going gets tough, I need to continue to build my grit…even when it wasn’t easy.

So, here I am, writing my blog like I had promised.

Though it may not offer a lot of great tips like some of my other posts, the one thing I hope that you take away from this is: when life gets in the way, keep working toward your goals.

It isn’t always what you’ll feel like doing, but you’ll be glad that you stayed the course.

I know that I am. Now I can go and relax without the guilt of a promise I didn’t keep…

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